Tokyo Photographic Art Museum Educational Program

Tokyo Photographic Art Museum
Educational Program

Art Class Animation


About Art Class x Animation

The MagicaLoop platform is an online resource for enjoying and learning about animation. We invite teachers, children and students to use this resource for school activities. The background information provided on this website will enrich your experience of the animation.

About This Resource

MagicaLoop is a digital-era tool for youth art education based on the Phenakistiscope optical device invented in the 19th century. The goal of this resource is to help you understand how animation works and discover the enjoyment of animating drawings and shapes. We encourage you to use this tool for educational activities. This resource was developed as part of the TOKYO Smart Culture Project from the Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture.

Notice about Network Settings
School network settings sometimes restrict internet access to specified website domains. When using MagicaLoop for classroom and other educational activities, please check network and device settings to enable online access to MagicaLoop. We recommend that you test connectivity for the environment (devices and classroom) that you’ll be using in advance.

App Development Team

Production Management: Tokyo Photographic Art Museum, Educational Programs

Editorial Supervision: Masayuki Inoue (Pantograph)

Production: Shuhei Iitsuka, Tackt Eguchi (artrecorder), Hiromitsu Murakami (Flicka Corp.), Tetsuro Ishida (Tokyo Photographic Art Museum), Atsuko Takeuchi (Tokyo Photographic Art Museum)

Development: Tokyo Metropolitan Government, Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture, Tokyo Photographic Art Museum